What does your service include?

Source:internationalschool.cn     Mar-27-2014

As an education consultant organization, our duties are (but not limited to):
  1. Search for suitable schools/programs to meet your requirements, in terms of tuition, location, duration and so on
  2. Help you on preparing the application documents, including assist you on application form
  3. Communicate with the teacher on your behalf, act as your representative
  4. Ensure important documents (such as JW202 form, Admission Letter) reach you with no problem  
  5. Require airport or train station pick up for you
      (Plus, we are expanding our service to air ticket booking in the near future)

       Don’t forget, these are all free of charge!

What makes you different?
Internationalschool.cn is an exclusive website for K-12 international students. All of our service are free of charge.

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