Transfer to Chinese Classes

Source:Shijiazhuang NO.25 High School     Mar-17-2014

On February 17, Shijiazhuang NO.25 High School ushered new classmates. They are 17 international students from the school international department. According to the regulations of project management and the learning needs of the students, they will transfer to the Chinese class.

These international students came to the school in September last year.Through half a year of Chinese study and training, They have made great progress in Chinese learning. To enter the Chinese classes and learn together with Chinese students, they feel very excited and are full of expectation.

Under the guidance of the teachers, the new students in the project to meet his classmates and greet them one by one. The High school department has made adequate preparations to meet new students. They Prepare new tables and chairs for the new students, and carefully arrange the seat for them, and some classmates prepared elegant small gifts for them. The Chinese and international students discuss issues, read classic, exchange views, which makes students feel very kind and warm.

Students into the Chinese class is the school's international education tradition and features. It is not only benefit international students to have the opportunity to experience the real Chinese high school education, but also benefit the Chinese students to develop great international friendship with international students. It will also promote the exchanges between the the Chinese and foreign students, broaden their international view. faciliate cultural exchanges and expand international vision, which is our international education direction and goal!

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