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  • Why should I go through you?

        The teachers responsible for admission in schools probably have to teach course, manage the international students in campus as well, they usually are too busy to response each of the perspect students inquiry idividually on time; also, thei...

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  • Why should I trust you?

        Although Internationalschool.cn lanuched not a long ago, our professional team has already helped thousands of students find their ideal schools because we evolved from primary School channel of Admssions.cn(Study in China Union), which has...

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  • What makes you different?

        Internationalschool.cn is an exclusive website for K-12 international students. All of our service are free of charge....

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  • What does your service include?

        As an education consultant organization, our duties are (but not limited to): Search for suitable schools/programs to meet your requirements, in terms of tuition, location, duration and so on Help you on preparing the application documents,...

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  • How much is your service fee?

        we are an organization that helps international students find suitable schools / programs in China, and get admission. The best part is, it is all Free. We do NOT charge any service fee! You only pay the school you are applying for....

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