Procedures of L Visa Application for Children under 18 of Fo     Mar-07-2014

A. Application Documents
1. Passport with current visa
2. Registration Form of Temporary Residence in China
3. Visa or Residence Permit Application Form
4. A recent 2-inch photo with white or light blue background
5. Birth Certificate of children with foreign citizenship (all certificates in a language other than English need to be translated into Chinese by a translation agency)
6. Passports or Permanent Residence Card of parents
7. Parents’ Letter of Entrustment stating name of the custodian and parents; as well as terms of entrustment

Photocopies and originals of the above listed documents are required; notarisation by local Chinese Consulates is required for certificates issued abroad.
Those who originally had Chinese citizenship but now have a foreign passport need to cancel their Chinese ID and household registration beforehand.

B. Term of Validity
Visas good for 6 or 12 months with zero/single/double/multi entries are issued with no limit to the number of reapplications.

C. Time for Approval
Approval upon submission of requisite documents will take five working days, not including Saturday or the application is submitted.

Documents Requirement for Int
Application Form (can be found on our website or click live chat to require ) Copy of the students passport(photo page) Copy of the

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