What is general steps for applying?

Source:internationalschool.cn     Mar-27-2014

  1. School collect the required application documents from the applicant
  2. Responsible teacher reviews these documents and checks if the applicant is qualified
  3. School charges the application fee as soon as the applicant is admitted
  4. School submits the applicant's documents to Provincial Education Department for JW202 form upon receiving the application fee
  5. Education Department issues stamped JW202 form back to school
  6. School mails the original JW202 form and Admission Letter to applicant's mailing address
  7. The aplicant takes these original documents to the Chinese Embassy in ons county to apply Student VISA
  8. Then, the applicant could book the ticket and come to China

Is it necessary apply Student
Although it is the securest way to wait the JW202 form and enter China with the Student VISA, some schools may want the students co

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